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2024 Mule Deer Hunts-Now Booking

For mule deer hunts in Colorado, residents need 2 or more preference points to draw and non-residents of Colorado need 3 or more preference points. 4-10 Colorado deer hunting preference points is ideal.  All prices below are per person.

  Mule deer hunts require patience as you hunt with Kevin looking for that special buck. We have consistently harvested a wide variety of bucks. From crazy wide three pointers to huge 4x4 s and non typical. Each hunt is unique and wild fair 

Exciting deer hunting in colorado

2022 Mule Deer Rifle Hunting


  • 1x1 guided service on private land
  • in field transportation 
  • Up to 5 day hunt 
  • Includes lodging($500 off if lodging not provided)
  • Field care

On a mule deer buck hunt we will be looking for bucks with good mass and some age.  Most Mule deer bucks harvested on this hunt will be in the  160-175 inch range on a Boone and Crockett scale. Bucks bigger than 175 inches are in the area but are not commonly harvested 

  Mule deer hunting is among my favorite. We will spend time glassing from ridges and vantage points in the morning and evening as we look for deer    Checking trails and locations for tracks and other tactics during mid day.  Spot n stalk hunting

Foot travel will vary based on your unique physical age and ability  

   *Price does not include food. Lodge is fully prepared for diy meals. Bring some food. Buy it here in Eads or eat in town.   Hunt is over upon harvesting a buck.  


 Mule Deer Hunting

Booking 2023 Mule Deer Hunts

  1. These hunts include: private land guided hunting, in-field transportation, up to 5 nights lodging, field care 
  2. 90 percent shot opportunity on buck mule deer 

   Other methods of take include

  •     Archery Mule Deer Hunts 
  •      Muzzleloader Mule Deer Hunts

Spot and stalk hunting.  Patience a must as mule deer are majestic yet elusive.  They often spend all daylight hours laying.  With lots of glassing and hard hunting success is at hand 

  We hunt several different units and ranches in southeast Colorado  Every hunt is unique 

  Lodging is not available on all the hunts.  There is $500 off hunt price if lodging is not provided 

Archery hunts during rut in November 

* Does not include meals

Whitetail Deer Hunting

Whitetail Deer Hunting.

2023 muzzleloader whitetail hunt availability 
2023-2024 Whitetail Only.  These hunts include: lodging, private land guided service, in-field transportation, in-field snacks and field care

Rifle Buck Hunt, 

  • up to 5 day hunt - 1x1 guided service
    Most bucks harvested on this hunt will score 140-160 b&c

Muzzleloader Buck Hunt

  • 5 day guided hunt. 1x1 guided service 
  • Just hoping to get one. Colorado is open sights 

Archery Hunt

  • Up to 5 day hunts,  1x1 or 1x2 or 1x3 guided service
  • Blind hunt

Management Buck Hunt- Any method of take

      3 day hunt 1x1 guided service

  • Bucks scoring under 120 b&c

Doe rifle hunts available 

      2 day hunt. 

2024 Season Dates

2023 Season Dates

The first rifle opens last Saturday of October.
Late Rifle Season Dec. 1-14
Muzzleloader Opens second Saturday of October
Archery opens Oct. 1 and is open until dec 31 except during rifle or muzzleloader seasons


Hunter responsibility and basic gear list:

Hunter responsibility and basic gear list:

  1. Hunting license
  2. Hunter safety card
  3. Colorado habitat stamp
  4. Food
  5. Binoculars
  6. Large cooler
  7. Medium sized knife
  8. Orange headwear (archery excluded)
  9. Blaze orange vest or equal( archery excluded)
  10. Hunting clothes suitable for the time of year
  11. Personal hunting equipment based on method of take

Check out local hunting laws and look up Colorado Parks and Wildlife for details. We strongly encourage everyone to get outside and enjoy Mother Nature and the thrill of hunting. Personalized, high energy doe hunts can be an awesome experience for even the most accomplished hunter. Help preserve and grow our heritage by taking a child hunting today!