Colorado Pronghorn Antelope Hunting


Booking 2024 Rifle and Muzzloader and Archery hunts

Pronghorn are exciting to hunt and can be a thrill for even the most accomplished hunter.  Doe pronghorn also offer youth hunters a great opportunity to have a fulfilling outdoor experience.  Enjoy wide open spaces far from the bustle of “modern society” and hunting “KB Style.” We can customize any hunt to meet your specifications!

Pronghorn Hunting Packages & Rates

Pronghorn Hunting Packages & Rates 2024

We are currently booking for 2024 Pronghorn antelope hunts
Now booking 2024 archery hunts and 2024muzzleloader hunts and 2024 rifle hunts 

  • 2025 Muzzleloader Hunt - 1 guide, 1 hunter $2,750 (1x1 guided hunt)
  •    Muzzleloader hunts are spot n stalk with decoy during rut
  • 2023 Rifle Hunt - 1 guide, 2 hunters, $5,000(2,500 per hunter)
  •     Rifle hunts are generally spot n stalk
  • 2023 Archery Hunt - 1 guide, 2 hunters, $4,000 ($2,000 per hunter)
  •    Archery hunts are blind at water hunts.   •

Prices include the following in each package:

  • 3 1/2 day guided service on private land
  • 3 nights ranch lodging
  • In-Field Transportation
  • Shooting Range
  • Field Care(Skinning and quartering) 
  • (Does not include trophy care and transportation)
Hunter Responsibility and Basic Gear List

Hunter Responsibility and Basic Gear List

All methods of take list

  • Colorado Pronghorn Hunting license and 
    Habitat stamp
  • Travel to and from Eads or other hunting camp
  • Personal hunting equipment based on method of take
  • Cooler for meat transportation 
  • toiletries for at camp
  • Food and water for during the hunt
  • Approved hunter safety card. Must carry with you while hunting unless verified at Parks and Wildlife office (marked with a V next to hunter safety number on license)

Rifle and muzzleloader hunting list(above listed item and)

  • Blaze orange headwear and vest. Camouflage orange does not qualify 
  • Binoculars 
  • rangefinder
  • Leather gloves and knee pads (spot'n'stalk hunts)

Archery hunting list(all methods take list and)

  • Small cooler for in the blind
  • ultra lightweight long sleeved black shirt
  • Dark face mask or face paint 
  • dark gloves compatible for shooting bow
  • Scent control(no Oder spray/ ozonex, etc)
  • urine bottle
  • rangefinder
  • Reading material, etc 
  • Practice shooting from a chair

2022/2023 Pronghorn Hunting Dates

Draw Deadline: April 5th 1022

  • Archery Pronghorn Antelope Hunts
    Aug. 15 - Sept. 20 (Buck only Aug. 15-31, either sex Sept. 1-20)
    Tags: Available over the counter and unlimited and available July 9

  • Rifle Pronghorn Antelope Hunts
    First Saturday of October 
    Tags: draw

  • Muzzleloader Pronghorn Antelope Hunts 
  • New season dates, awesome rut action
    Sept. 21-29
    Tags: draw