Colorado Pronghorn Antelope Hunting


Booking 2023 Rifle and Muzzloader and Archery hunts

Pronghorn are exciting to hunt and can be a thrill for even the most accomplished hunter.  Doe pronghorn also offer youth hunters a great opportunity to have a fulfilling outdoor experience.  Enjoy wide open spaces far from the bustle of “modern society” and hunting “KB Style.” We can customize any hunt to meet your specifications!

Pronghorn Hunting Packages & Rates

Pronghorn Hunting Packages & Rates 2023

There is limited availability left for 2022. Also a couple hunts available that are self guided without lodging. Call for information 

We are currently booking for 2023 Pronghorn antelope hunts

Now booking 2023 archery hunts and 2023 muzzleloader hunts and 2024 rifle hunts 

  • 2023 Muzzleloader Hunt - 1 guide, 1 hunter $2,500 (1x1 guided hunt)
  •    Muzzleloader hunts are spot n stalk with decoy during rut
  • 2023 Rifle Hunt - 1 guide, 2 hunters, $4,400($2,200 per hunter)
  •     Rifle hunts are generally spot n stalk
  • 2023 Archery Hunt - 1 guide, 2 hunters, $3,500 ($1,750 per hunter)
  •    Archery hunts are blind at water hunts.   •

Prices include the following in each package:

  • 3 1/2 day guided service on private land
  • 3 nights ranch lodging
  • In-Field Transportation
  • Shooting Range
  • Field Care(Skinning and quartering) 
  • (Does not include trophy care and transportation)
Hunter Responsibility and Basic Gear List

Hunter Responsibility and Basic Gear List

All methods of take list

  • Colorado Pronghorn Hunting license and 
    Habitat stamp
  • Travel to and from Eads or other hunting camp
  • Personal hunting equipment based on method of take
  • Cooler for meat transportation 
  • toiletries for at camp
  • Food and water for during the hunt
  • Approved hunter safety card. Must carry with you while hunting unless verified at Parks and Wildlife office (marked with a V next to hunter safety number on license)

Rifle and muzzleloader hunting list(above listed item and)

  • Blaze orange headwear and vest. Camouflage orange does not qualify 
  • Binoculars 
  • rangefinder
  • Leather gloves and knee pads (spot'n'stalk hunts)

Archery hunting list(all methods take list and)

  • Small cooler for in the blind
  • ultra lightweight long sleeved black shirt
  • Dark face mask or face paint 
  • dark gloves compatible for shooting bow
  • Scent control(no Oder spray/ ozonex, etc)
  • urine bottle
  • rangefinder
  • Reading material, etc 
  • Practice shooting from a chair

2022/2023 Pronghorn Hunting Dates

Draw Deadline: April 5th 1022

  • Archery Pronghorn Antelope Hunts
    Aug. 15 - Sept. 20 (Buck only Aug. 15-31, either sex Sept. 1-20)
    Tags: Available over the counter and unlimited and available July 9

  • Rifle Pronghorn Antelope Hunts
    First Saturday of October 
    Tags: draw

  • Muzzleloader Pronghorn Antelope Hunts 
  • New season dates, awesome rut action
    Sept. 21-29
    Tags: draw