Colorado Elk Hunting


Calling in elk during the rut

  1. You will have a guided hunt on privately owned property. We will be hunting during the rut in September.  This is not a trophy hunt and we do not see lots of elk during the hunt but usually average 50 percent or better harvest rates. Some bulls nearing the 300 inch class are taken like the one in the picture above. We also often harvest 4x5, 5x5 and smaller 6x6 bulls with the occasional spike or cow
2023 Elk Hunting Rates and Packages

2023 Elk Hunting Rates and Packages

  • Up to 5 day guided hunts
  • Private land 
  • Season is Sept 1 - Jan 31


hunter responsibility and gear list

  • license and habitat stamp
  • License available otc and is either sex
  • blaze orange vest and headwear 
  • travel to and from choice of lodging location
  • meat processing and travel
  • sleeping bag pillow and towel
  • toilrtries
  •  Personal food for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Firearms and ammunition, 6mm minimum
  • clothing suitable for current weather conditions 

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Calling in elk

Exciting rut action

We might not see a thing for a couple days. It all changes with a single bugle or a silent hard charging bull like this one

This is not a trophy elk hunt. We will hunt hard and enjoy the great outdoors. There is good chance of harvesting a nice bull elk but there is not enough elk to be picky. Elk are a very elusive animal and we will be excited for an opportunity at a elk of any size. Most elk harvested on this hunt will be under 300 inch Boone and Crockett 

River bottom elk

calling elk with decoy

    A nice 5x6 bull that came into the call. No bugling from this elk but ran in silent to about 150 yards. Delicious elk steaks were enjoyed later that night

bull elk

more elk hunting information

More elk hunting opportunities 

  • Ask about our late winter hunts in January 
  • 3 day hunts
  • price varies depending on property 

  • also limited opportunity for 3 day management hunts for cows and spikes during September