Long Range Rifle Park

Long Range Rifle Park

Practice before that once in a lifetime big game hunt.  It may be Colorado elk, Canada whitetail, Alaska caribou or anything in between.  Help yourself shine in hunting camp with increased ability and effective range.  Perfect for gun owners and non hunters that want a private range experience with service and expert advice.

$100 per person, up to 5 hours*

  • Guided session 
  • 2-5 shooters,
  • AR 500 steel targets
  • includes 1 night lodging 
  • Allowed down range to inspect hits

1 shooter is $150 and includes 1 night lodging 


Multiple Options

Multiple Options

1. Practical hunting course -  (250-500 yard shots) Shoot from 5 different positions at 5 different spots.  1. Prone 2. Over the hood 3.Round bail 4. Cattle Panel 5.Sitting

2. Long range course

A. Intermediate.  (300-700 yard shots)  Same as the  expert course just closer shots.  Not close shots.  This will challenge most

B. Expert.  (600-1000 yard shots). Small targets, really far shots.  You will shoot from one location in your position of choice.  Prone, sitting/kneeling, standing or at a bench.

3. Custom course - (300-1,000 yard shot options) targets will be arranged based on your personal preference

Non shooting guest and spectators $20 each

Learn the effects of wind and distance on your favorite round

Basic gear list for long range rifle park

  • Hearing and eye protection mandatory 
  • Rifle(s), optics and ammunition 
  • Range bag with cleaning supplies
  • Shooters mat or bags, bipods, etc.
  • Sun screen and bug spray

Call (719) 691-5642 to check availability