Colorado Merriam/ Rio Grande Turkey Hunts


2024 Spring Turkey Hunting

  • We are currently booking for the 2024 spring turkey season •

  We are excited to offer spring Turkey hunts. Come experience your Colorado wild turkey hunting adventure with us. We see both marriam and rio grande turkeys at various locations.  Excellent hunting opportunities along the Arkansas river in southeast Colorado 

Turkey Hunting Rates & Packages

2024 Turkey Hunting Rates

Hunt for turkey. Not sub species specific

  • Enjoy semi guided service as a single hunter for $1,000
  • $825 per hunter for hunters together 
  • 2 day hunt on private land ( 2 morning and 2 evenings)
  • Hunt starts 3:30 pm day of arrival: ends at 10:30am second morning)
  • Does Not include lodging or meals
  • Over the counter tag
  • Season April 8 - May 30

If you have any questions about booking an exciting hunt for the one person or a whole group please call (719) 691-5642 or email

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Merriam’s turkey

2024 Merriams Turkey Hunt

Hunt for true white fanned merriams turkey 

  • $1,750 for single hunter. Includes lodging 
  • $1,500 per hunter for 2 or more hunters. Includes lodging 

in the event that lodging is not available or desired, take $200 off cost

Turkey Gear

Hunter responsibilities

1. Hotel in holly or Lamar Colorado 

2. otc spring turkey license 

3. Food and non hunting travel

4. cooler and supplies for turkey

5. full camo. face mask and gloves

6. shotgun(with plug in) turkey ammo

7. weather appropriate clothing 

8.  Rangefinder 

9.  Turkey call

* Blind Hunts- Layered clothing for temperature changes through the day. •Outside layer needs to be dark or black- Small cooler with food and  *water- Reading material or similar activity- 

Other hunter suggestions

   Practice shooting at distances of 20, 30 and 40 yards. This way you can see which shot and chokes work best. 
  For most clients a full choke is excellent. Super full turkey chokes are not necessary for most clients unless you at comfortable with shots at over 35 yards

   Practice shooting from a chair(like in a blind)

   It is also a good to practice shooting from a seated position on the ground and even prone


wild turkey

Turkeys have incredible eye sight and hearing. Upon a perceived threat they prefer to run away and can do so very quickly. With close and immediate danger they may choose to fly