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Colorado Coyote Calling Hunts

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Daytime, Predator Calling Action! Grab your light-weight rifle, shotgun, bullets, camo and let's go!   Guided service with daytime calling and ambush style shooting.  Early morning, mid day, evening Whether charging in or sneaking up behind you, get ready!   

     We are passionate in our pursuit. At KB Style Adventures, calling coyotes is one of our a primary objectives.  Kevin personally guides  the predator hunts and spends countless hours year round dedicated to increasing his personal knowledge of predators, calling technigues and the predator hunting discipline


Coyote Hunting Prices

1x1 guided service; 1 guide, 1 hunter 

Price below is per 1 hunter

  •  $350 per day- coyote(all year)

1x2 guided service; 1 guide, 2 hunters

Price below is per 2 hunters

  • $600 per day- coyote(all year),                                                                 fox and bobcat(December-february)

1x3 Guided service; 1 guide, 3 hunters

$750 per day.  This is per 3 hunters.

Price Includes

  • Guided hunt on private land. 8 hours is equal to one day of hunting. 
  • In field transportation
  • In field food and water                          

   limited after dark hunting


Hunter Responsibilities:

  • If born after Jan 1st 1949 must have an approved hunter education card.
  • Colorado small game hunting license
  • Hip number, free, see license
  • Hunting clothes, gear, guns, and ammunition
  • Lodging.  
  • Travel to/from lodging location or guide meet up
  • Toiletries
  • Personal choice of food, breakfast and evening
  • Drinking water and other beverage
  • A sling on each firearm(rifle and shotgun)
  • Rapid expansion rifle ammo is a must(rifle) 
  • 12 gauge lead shot, #2 shot or larger(shotgun)

 Coyote Hunting Gear

  •      Hearing and eye protection
  •      Camouflage pants and jacket suitable for time of year. Dessert, light tan, grey, or waterfowl patterns work great
  •       Gun mounted, pivoting bipod(rifle) with 23 inches(or more) of extension. not a tripod!
  •     Boots suitable for walking and weather conditions 
  •      Practice shooting sitting down/getting up/down/holding still. We hunt on the prairie. Shots will mostly be from a sitting position. Find a position that works with your body and will allow a accurate shot.
  •      Prone does not work, limits field of view. Coyotes are small and wiley. They often use cattle trails and other indentions to limit their exposure.

      Year Round Season.  Each month offers unique challenges to the hunt. Weather conditions can have an affect but not as much as you.

     It is imperative that a person holds still (head, hands, gun, etc) when calling. You can hope for a least 1 and up to 5 good call ins or shot opportunity(s) per day of hunting. 

Coyote Hunting Combo Options

Upland game birds

Pronghorn and Deer

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If you would like to book a hunt or inquire about coyote hunting, please contact Kevin at (719) 691-5642 or request more information.

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